iLEAD Antelope Valley Hybrid

iLEAD Hybrid Antelope Valley is designed to meet the needs of learners whose families choose an independent learning model for their children but also value ongoing access to highly qualified, credentialed facilitators. iLEAD Hybrid Antelope Valley provides an educational support system that believes in building innovative programs that engage families and the community. Success in today’s world means being a leader, server, problem­ solver, creator, innovator, collaborator and critical thinker, and the staff at iLEAD Hybrid Antelope Valley is excited to help your learner achieve those goals!

For more information on program details, visit the iLEAD Hybrid Antelope Valley website.


“The principal goal of education is to create individuals who are capable of doing new things,
not simply of repeating what other generations have done.”

Jean Piaget